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All I can say is "Wow

The first day of training is off to a really good start. The trainees really took to the industrial machines with no problems whatsoever. And more are interested in joining this program. Aaron Atkins who is conducting the training at my facility is also a Vet who served  3 tours and is a 30 year "veteran" tailor. He actually said that "if it wasn't for my talent, I would be dead."  That stopped me in my tracks when I overheard him saying that. Everyday, 22 Vets commit suicide according to the Department of Veteran Affairs (as of Feb 2013).  If you are not a Veteran, I know we can NEVER really imagine or understand what they went through in Afghanistan, Iraq, or any war whatsoever. 

 I can't tell you what it means to incorporate job training in my business model and to be a part of team to help build a work-force in the US. This has been my mission since I started producing in-house. There are jobs in this industry, in the US, but not the skilled labor force to fulfill them. This is so important and I am glad to do my small part in helping to make this happen.

Thank you for your support as well. 
-Kristin Haskins Simms.  


Dare to Be Different T-shirts for $20

We Have a Few T-shirts left. 

Yes, we have about 14 T-shirts left. And every little bit helps until we get this program off the ground. It's really just to keep the lights on and machines running.

Again, if you would like to help in other ways, please visit the Fundamen Institute website


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